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Why Women Cherish a Big Butt

Why Women Cherish a Big Butt

Women, just like men, love big butts. While your genetic makeup largely determines the size of the butt, you have every reason to cherish a big butt. If you are not satisfied with the inches your momma gave you, the chances are that you should be looking for a way to enlarge your buttocks.beautiful woman

Butt Fat is Harmless

The butt is made up of fats. Unlike other body fats, fats deposited around the butt do not pose any health risk. Butt fats are yellow, and fat stored in other body organs is white. As a result, this marked difference in color explains why medical experts have every reason to believe that butt fat does not put you at risk of any ailment.

You Look Attractive

Women with bigger butts are naturally attractive. One reason given for this is the fact fuller buttocks enhance the curvature of your back. As a result, their bodies typically looks curvy and beautiful. From a biological point of view, the curved back trait linked to big butts alleviates spinal complications during pregnancy.

More Confidence

Your appearance has everything to do with your confidence levels or your self-esteem. Owing to this fact, most women with bigger butts tend to be more confident than their counterparts who might not be endowed in this area. Also, most researchers have established that women with more significant butts tend to be intelligent, and are thus more intuitive than those with smaller butts.

good postureBig Butts Enhance Your Posture

Women with big butts tend to walk with confidence. This is especially true when one is climbing up the stairway, which engages body muscles that are below the waistline. Also, when one is seated, a strong and bigger but lengthens your hip flexors thus keeping your body in perfect alignment.

Attracts Opposite Sex

Most men are naturally attracted to women with big butts. As much as some men look beyond the butt, a big butt certainly makes things easy for a woman to get their dream man. It has been established that the mere sign of a big butt activates a part of a man’s brain that is often activated by drugs and food.…