Five Harmful Ingredients To Avoid In Deodorants

Five Harmful Ingredients To Avoid In Deodorants

Deodorants play a great role in protecting people from perspiration challenges all the day long. Due to the increased health issues that cause diseases like cancer and skin problems, there is a great emphasis on using natural deodorants. While it is not possible for one to swallow a spoonful of toxins, applying them under the arms every day is equally harmful. There are various harmful ingredients manufacturers tend to use on deodorants, but one should keep them off. They include the following

Ingredients to avoid in deodorants

Aluminum components

Manufacturers tend to use aluminum as it temporarily blocks the sweat pores to stop the flow. This keeps you dry, right? Well, little known to many is that the same aluminum compound is responsible for triggering various skin and breaking cancers. If applied to the broken skin which is common with people who shave the underarms a lot, the risk is even great. Always buy the best aluminum free deodorant which uses other natural alternatives to keep one fresh all through the day.



Parabens include the methyl, ethyl, and propyl among others. One may have come across the deodorants that claim to be paraben free which is a cool thing. So, the big question is, why is everyone skeptical abut these ingredients? They tend to create a hormonal imbalance in the body. One study in 2004 showed that paraben mimic hormone estrogen which can trigger a breast cancer on the body. So, always look for the ‘paraben free’ products.


Deodorant and antiperspirant manufacturers tend to add this ingredient to these products to prevent bacteria formation. In fact, it is the common ingredient in anti-bacterial soaps we use at home. However, studies indicate that the chemical has an effect on the brain functioning. It affects the thyroid glands which has an effect on the brain. It also affects the gene functioning on your body.


It is the ingredient which ensures that scent on the skin does not disappear anytime soon. It tends to be in all deodorants and other cosmetic products with fragrances. According to one doctor, the chemical effects how the testosterone is produced in the body. This will have an effect on both men and women as they need this hormone for energy. In extreme cases, the phthalates can cause reproduction challenges in men.

Therefore, it is crucial for someone to check and ensure that the deodorants they use do not have any of these components. Most natural deodorants do not contain them.…