Five Questions You Should Ask at a Nail Salon

Five Questions You Should Ask at a Nail Salon

Having your nails done at a salon is not as easy as it sounds. You have to canvass for a reputable nail salon to guarantee that you’d have the service you deserve. Although you can easily find a nail salon Tempe AZ, you should not settle for the first one you see. You just have to do your research and ask from different people for reviews and feedback. Here are the important questions you should be asking when you’re looking for a salon.

1. Is the Environment Sanitary?


Every day, a lot of customers go in and out of the nail salon and believe it or not, they use the same equipment for everyone. Making sure that all equipment is effectively cleaned after every use is imperative to know to prevent from getting an infection. Go with a friend, visit the salon, watch the technicians and their routine. If you see them disposing or cleaning their equipment, it’s a positive remark, and it might mean that you have found your salon.

2. Is Ventilation Adequate?

Nail polish has a distinct smell and can be toxic to some people. The fumes of nail polish and acrylics have harsh odors that even some of the best nail salons can’t get rid of. The key is a proper ventilation system to ensure that these toxic chemicals are not lingering for you to inhale.

3. Is the Price Suitable for Your Budget?

Always ask for the exact price before getting a service done. Some offer packages to save a little money. Compute each service and compare the total cost to the package offered. Some nail salons are pricier because they do need an extra budget for sanitizing their equipment and upgrading their nail polish.

4. Are the Technicians Well-Trained?

Getting your nails done nowadays is more than just choosing your favorite color. There are a lot of improvisions and developments like installing artificial nails, doing nail art, using gel nail polish, and more. After getting your nails done, it’s essential to know about its aftercare for results to last, especially if it is your first time; that is why having a knowledgeable nail technician is a must at every nail salon.

Some medications can even interfere with the application of nail products, so this is a piece of information needed to be shared with your nail tech, and of course, he or she should know about it, too. These nail technicians should also be licensed if required by the state.

5. Is Customer Service Excellent?

Anywhere you go, excellent customer service is the key to having loyal customers. When you walk into a nail salon, it’s essential you feel comfortable with the people who are going to handle you and your nails. Do they greet you as soon as you walk in? You are also paying for their service; that’s why you don’t have to endure any unpleasant experience in any nail salon. It may not be as necessary, but having magazines, water, and a comfortable waiting area is good enough to make you feel welcome.…